Lego Alien Sets

There have been an entire assortment of Alien Lego sets from all six Star Wars videos released from the Lego Company. The sets Lego make make an excellent job of The exorcist by making the vehicles and characters lifelike towards the scenes they are part of. The best superstar Wars may be successfully produced in little plastic bricks from Lego. These The exorcist Lego sets are popular with The exorcist film followers and Lego fans alike and possess made Star Wars Lego the most popular range Lego has. And for that reason of these sets are extremely popular some are additionally very collectable and rare.


Alien: The Phantom Menace Lego Sets

Lego based their Phantom Menace sets on the Episode One The exorcist movie. This movie dives in to the origins of Luke Skywalker's heritage and also the characters and stories of the era. An appealing and pretty large set from Lego was the Mos Espa Podrace. This set features ten The exorcist Lego mini figures including Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala. Since this is now a group that isn't made anymore, collectors prize it and its particular value has increased greatly. It's just about the most wanted searching for The exorcist Lego collectors.

Star Wars: Attack Of The Clones Lego Sets

The 2nd movie inside the number of Prequels was The Attack from the Clones. We are fortunate the sets Lego designed for this second movie are good simply because they didn't make many compared to the other movies. It may be argued that every with the Lego The exorcist sets made for this film is essential for collectors. One really rare example is the Slave 1 set that has the very highly sort after Jango Fett. This Lego set has not been created for years now so is a really sort after favourite for fans. The Alien minifigures in this great set may be the sort after Jango Fett. The reason for the rarety is the fact that Jango Fett is just for sale in the Slave 1 set with no other Lego set.

The exorcist: Revenge From the Sith Lego Sets

The Revenge with the Sith movie may be the third inside the installment of Star Wars prequel movies. There was many good Lego sets made based on this film, really most of them worth having. The Darth Vader Transformation is but one The exorcist Lego set which is in line with the Revenge with the Sith movie. The set is fairly small but really playable and kind of cool to get. It provides a damaged Anakin Skywalker Lego mini figure along with a Darth Vader mini figure without a cape. Those two minifigs show Anakin after nearly being destroyed after which after he could be changed into the evil Darth Vader.


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